The Threat of Race

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Tuesday October 14, 2008

Deva-Stating Discriminations (On Racial Americanization)

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Race is commonly assumed in the popular imagination to be an antique notion, a vestige of premodern or at least not adequately modernized social assertions and arrangements. I want here to extend this frame of analysis by outlining a set of more or less recent typologies of regionally prompted, parametered, and promoted racisms linked to their dominant state formations. I am suggesting regional models or really mappings rather than ideal types, broad generalizations as contours of racist configuration, each one with its own material and intellectual history, its prior conditions and typical modes of articulation. They are often interactive historically, overlapping landscapes. But it remains nevertheless revealing to delineate them, to distinguish one kind and style as well as their conditions of possibility, expressions, effects, and implications from another. Identifying these mappings in the name of the social places and spaces of their principal origination, historical manifestation, and regional articulations is not to limit the (partial) influence of their logics and effects on other places, spaces, and regions that might not be readily identified with their coordinates of origination.

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