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Sunday October 19, 2008

Portrait of Two Women (Mixed Blood) Exhibiting Steatopygia n.d South Africa Natal Colony Durban

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"Demeaning representations of mixed race women like this were quite common." (David Theo Goldberg)

2 responses to “Portrait of Two Women (Mixed Blood) Exhibiting Steatopygia n.d South Africa Natal Colony Durban”

  1. Deusarino de Melo says:

    Is Is interesting to see this mixed woman, because I think that the biggest differences are into de mind, not in the bodies. I am a feet lover and seeing thios photo I saw the disunetd toes of the indigenous people in all world and I remember that this the unic thing that does not change among the races. Very good theme and photo. Congratulations.

  2. i regret to say that I am ignorant of what exactly the photographs were used for or how they were displayed. If you were to walk up to me on the street and say, what do you think about this photograph I would say “what beautiful and shapely women”. Out of context there is nothing shameful or degrading about the photograph, unless one is from the “naked is bad” school of thought. As simply a photograph I actually think it’s quite nice. That said I have no clue what in the world the photo was used for, whether the participants were voluntary or not, whether the photographs and their subjects were objects of ridicule, persecution and/or were treated as less than human,etc. I am curious and would like to know why you say the photographs are degrading because without background information, they are just lovely naked ladies.

    Thank you and please help me to understand,

    a mixed blood woman

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