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Friday October 17, 2008

“The ‘Bloody Shirt’ Reformed” Harper’s Weekly August 12, 1876

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Justice. "Five More Wanted." By Thomas Nast Harper’s Weekly
In this cartoon, the personification of Justice resolutely demands the execution of those white men responsible for the murder of six black men after a race riot at Hamburg, South Carolina, in July 1876.  She is bounded by the founding documents of the American republic:  the Declaration of Independence (left) and the Constitution (right), with the artist emphasizing the latter’s guarantees of republican government and equal protection.  In the background, wall posters name white terrorist groups in the South:  the Ku Klux Klan, the White League, and the White Liners.
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  1. David L. Webb says:

    I am doing research on a book that I am writing and I happened to stumble upon this sight where there is a picture that depicts how the people of that day were feeling. I was wondering if anyone could send me historical pieces related to the Hamsburg Massacre or to any similiar events occuring after the end of the civil war. I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, and just to clarify; I need events happening in 1876

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