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Monday January 5, 2009

Table Mountain

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"Cape Town and Table Mountain, As seen from the Steamship ‘Moor’ as she came in the harbor." From A Trip to South Africa, Photographs taken by Benjamin Agnew 1898

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  1. Lyndene Adamson says:

    My great grandfather was on this same voyage, Dr James Downie Ross Watt. The “Steamship Moor” left Southampton on 18 June 1898 for South Africa under Cpt. E.M. Griffin. I do not have an arrival date but have a copy of the full passenger list, of whom Englishman, Mr Benjamin S. Agnew is one of the passengers. Cpt. E.M. Griffin has stated on the list it was to be a voyage of 65 days !! Do any other photos of the “Steamship Moor” exist ?
    Best regards
    Lyndene Adamson

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