The Threat of Race

"Wonderfully readable and thoroughly radical"– Achille Mbembe

The Threat of Race by David Theo Goldberg Now available from Blackwell Publishing and

ABOUT the site/about THE SITE is intended as  a critical forum for exploring contemporary issues and ideas about race and their historical contexts.  

While a supplement to my book, The Threat of Race: Reflections of Racial Neoliberalism (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), the site is designed as a stand-alone archive and platform for conceiving and considering arguments, for contemplating images, for critically assessing practices.

The site:

  • includes a wide range of images collected from available historical archives and internet sites;
  • embeds key concepts and arguments concerning race and racisms in a location-specifying global map demonstrating the spatio-temporal applications and salience of racially as well as critically prompted, promoted, fueled, and affiliated ideas;
  • offers a blogging and commentary forum for discussion of critical ideas related to race, racisms, and their histories of production.

We invite you to explore the site’s content, and encourage you to consider engaged contributions to the critical contents of your own.

Site moderators reserve the right to reject inappropriate contributions.